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About Us

G2 Athletics is made up of athletes from various communities throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. Our program prides itself on teaching our athletes to be competitive, while maintaining great sportsmanship with a focus on high academic standards.  


Mission Statement:

G2 Athletics is committed to molding young men and women into champions, on the field, in the community, and in the classrooms. We know that when our athletes take care of business in the classroom, they will take care of business on the field. The discipline they learn from their training experiences will extend into their daily lives and the success they achieve from their hard work, dedication, and perseverance through adversity will teach life lessons that will extend far beyond the competitive arena.


It is our hope that a large number of these young men and women will pursue college athletics while preparing them with the education they need to sustain a self-dependent future.

G2 Athletics is a family owned company, specializing in sport specific training and college recruiting.  G2 Athletics is owned by Anthony Gonzalez and Victor Garcia and is located at 2915 N. Anderson, Newton, KS. 


G2 Athletics has an indoor facility where players are able to train year around. They have an indoor training area with turf that our athletes can use to do speed, agility, and strength training. They have a weight room and indoor baseball/softball training areas.   


They have a proven college recruiting program that has put a large number of our athletes into college in various sports. They work hard to get our athletes in front of college coaches and to get our athletes name out to the college programs.  

We practice and preach the WE OVER ME mentality to help our athletes not only succeed in the competitive arena but in the classroom and in life. 


*To provide the opportunity for the student athlete to improve their athletic abilities through sport specific training and competing with other high-level athletes in a number of sports.

*Work with student athletes to make sure the athlete is maintaining high academic standards for NCAA/NAIA/JUCO college eligibility.

*Set academic and athletic goals with the student athlete and help them achieve those goals. 

*Promote the student athletes to colleges through our college recruiting database that contains personal contacts in NCAA/NAIA/JUCO

*Mentor student athletes and work with their parents, teachers, coaches, and community to prepare our student athletes to enter the community with great character traits and leadership skills.


Contact or victor@g2athletics for more information.

Victor Garcia   -   Anthony Gonzalez

Heat Fastpitch Academy is a division of G2 Athletics. Heat Fastpitch was created  when Anthony and Victor's daughter's were in the Hesston recreation softball league. The girls felt they wanted more competition then they were getting. Victor and Anthony decided to go into coaching together and formed a team called the H-Town Heat. It was a 12U team with only Hesston players. 

The following year Anthony's daughter was approached to tryout for the Wichita Mustangs. At the time this was the premiere organization in the state. His daughter made the team and left the H-Town Heat. Anthony and Victor continued to coach the H-Town Heat and one day had a discussion on why they should be sending all of our local athletes to Wichita to compete with high level teams when we should be able to offer that same type of program. They decided to expand their program and set on a mission to provide a competitive softball program like others around the state but to keep their core values of building character through hard work, team work, and the WE OVER ME mentality.  

Within a year they moved their 1 team from Hesston to Newton and started to build their organization with an indoor facility and added G2 Athletics training and recruiting. Within a couple of years they had a number of teams that competed on the C and the A/B level. Anthony's daughter returned to the organization and finished her final year playing for the Heat and returned after her first year in college to play one final year for the program. 

Today they heat has a number of A/B & C level teams and has build a successful organization that is recognized by college coaches and has been ranked by USSSA and ASA on the State and National level. They have 10 teams ranging from 8U - 18U with players from all across the state and some traveling from Oklahoma. 

We put our focus into COACHING our players on and off the field. Our focus is on more than just winning trophies or winning at all cost, it is about looking at the athlete's future and the big picture to help ensure success!

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